Hi Chris —

I've been an entrepreneur since 19; I'm 26 now. I was trying to explain to this girl who dumped me why I haven't been successful yet and I wanted to share will you what I wrote, word for word (not a single edit has been made or a single word added):

I am going to disrupt many industries. But the reason why I haven’t managed to succeed yet is because of the circumstances that I was born into (which is why I highly empathize with the underprivileged and see it as my purpose to one day turn my energy away from entrepreneurship and focus on reform for the marginalized). I had no network. No opportunity. No money. No mentor. Nothing. Just a big, curious, observant dreamer. I’ve had to create this all from scratch and learn everything on the fly as I go alone. It also didn’t help that early on I was going after such massive problems to solve, that without having smaller accomplishments under my belt would prevent me from acquiring the resources I need in order to go after the bigger problems. It took me a long time to realize that I have to think smaller if I want to execute big (which is absurd and makes me irate sometimes because big minds need to be propped up and supported and pushed forward — but this is just reality, a discrepancy of the system, especially for those that are underprivileged).

I'm in a predicament —  I don't want to think small. It's just not who I am and when I attempt to do so I'm not being truthful to myself.

When you have a moment please give this video I put together a watch; it touches on what I am working on. I don't go too in depth about the product or concept, I just wanted to give a sense of where my head was at when I came up with the idea.

I'm writing you, Chris, because you're crazy enough to invest in a kid who slept on the floor till he was 8 years old, dropped out of community college and really hasn't accomplished much worthy of jotting on a resume.

You, sir, are a bad mofo. So. am. I.

DM me — let's set a time to meet. I'd be thrilled to pitch you.