Most tech folks will tell themselves anything they need to, to convince themselves in the greater good of what they’re building. And that is good to a certain extent. But, my fear is that by refraining to accept the reality of the situation will result in the ramifications from what we create to be mishandled.

The reality is, over the next decade, technology is going to eradicate significantly more jobs than it creates; more jobs than you can fathom.

As a tech enthusiast, it’s easy to get caught up in the world that we create in our minds. To believe that everyone in the world is an early adopter of technology and every consumer is so eager to try what we build and listen to what we believe is the solution to what we deemed a problem. But the truth is, early adopters are a rare breed of individuals and our mindset is so far detached from reality.

As I observe the way many organizations operate, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that the incumbent generation of entrepreneurs and executives have yet to fully grasp the power of technology and the benefits of efficiency that it produces. As a result, most organizations are bloated and will continue to be until the right people within the company come to realize how lean their company can be ran to sustain operations.

Eventually, that is going to happen. The amount of money that is being unnecessarily spent will one day cease. I believe this will prove to be for the greater good but it’s unfortunate that for humanity to enjoy the long term benefits, significant short term sacrifices and potential suffering will be dumped on those not properly prepared to no longer receive a paycheck.

This is an unavoidable situation.

It is important that as a leader, the problem is acknowledged now and eyes are fixed on the long term vision so that the situation can be properly executed and the inevitable short term sacrifices one day prove to be advantageous for the greater whole. I’d hate to see such sacrifice go for naught.

As organizations begin to run lean and operate efficiently, will result in higher profit margins and growing revenues. As this happens, we face the following options:

1. Inflation will continue on an upward trajectory and the increase in profits will be distributed amongst the top. The middle class will continue to shrink, but at an accelerated rate and economic inequality will widen, creating a gap so wide, warranting class warfare at an extent that we’re yet to witness in our lifetime.

2. Inflation will continue in an upward trajectory and the increase in profits will be distributed in a socially conscious manner. Although this heavily relies upon subjectivity, i’d hope that the belief in a vision and trust in one another will lead to those responsible for making such decisions, doing so with as little influence of greed as possible.

3. Inflation will become stagnant, possibly reshape to a downward trajectory. Savings will trickle into the pockets of the public that will be spent in ways that will create new industries, revitalize certain existing industries and create jobs.

4. Inflation will become stagnant, possibly reshape to a downward trajectory. Savings will trickle into the bank accounts of the public and sit stagnant. The banks will siphon this money to wall street, which will makes it’s way back up to the top.

5. We can do nothing. Innovation will decelerate. Humanity will cease to grow and no longer move forward. A culture that teaches us to settle will thrive and we will refrain from pushing ourselves. Our grandchildren will not dare to explore and in the process develop an inability to find themselves.

Personally, my vote is for option 2.

The utopian in me tends to believe that all this money will be siphoned into things that matter and generate sustainable value.

I imagine a world where the benefits of the private sector, merge with the merits of socialism.

I imagine a world where wealth will be re-distributed through capitalism.

Our brightest minds are going to be educators because they will be paid accordingly.

War will be waged on ignorance.  Intellect will free the mind, creating a spiritually empowered ecosystem of consciousness that society will run on and thrives off of doing the right thing.


Ok, i’m back on earth now.

But seriously, the quickly piercing needle of technology has just barely broke the surface. Once the concerns of privacy are properly addressed there will be no turning back.

In the moment, change always seems slow, until it slaps us in the face. Now is the time to act before the sobering thought of how quickly everything happened settles. What you feel around your neck can be an anaconda bracing to squeeze or a pillow waiting for you to rest your head and take the most effective power nap you’ll ever experience.

There is nothing that will stop technology from integrating into the fabric of society and ultimately our lives.

I don’t know how this is all going to work out, but I do know empathy will be the most critical component as our society completes it’s digital transition. The more empathetic we are, the more proportionate value will disperse itself during these times of significant change.

The history of our existence indicates that efficient solutions will prevail.

So in the meantime, it is in the best interest of the consumer to embrace the technology. The quicker we embrace it, the faster we’ll learn how to properly adapt.

And as for the technologists, you are the modern politician.

Hold yourself accountable.

Don’t be stereotypical.