Every object in the physical world that we see and touch is the manifestation of problems, thoughts, and collaboration.

You see a door knob and I see adversity, creativity, experimentation, failure, determination, will, hope, desire, care, love, empathy, success.

That is what a product represents.

Think about that for a moment and try to understand the parallels between life and what we create.

Our work, everything that we do is the result of a process that is formed through experiences that develop our knowledge set.

That experience summed up in its purest form is life. Life is what we know.

Through our hands, we create things that somehow manage to inherit the characteristics of the influence that life has had on ourselves.

Our products are listening, observing, learning and adjusting to their environment just like you and I.

At the deepest level, everything is the same and that’s because everything is ultimately influenced by the same thing — life.

If I’m going to create a product, it is my obligation to make sure it properly represents the beauty of life and positively influences the consumers interpretation of what it means to live — because that’s what will continue to push us forward and that’s what matters most.