To build a solid founding team the founder needs to solely recruit individuals that they’re comfortable giving complete control over what they were brought on to do. In order to give someone complete control of something you need to not only know what you are not good at, but be able to identify that talent in others so that their contribution can be optimized.

"A jack of all trades is the master at none.” Know what you aren’t good at, find people who are the BEST at that and GTF OUT OF THE WAY!

That is how you will create a ridiculously strong bond within a team as the reliance on one another is encouraged this way because everyone knows their role, respects each other, takes accountability and makes their contribution in a self-governed manner, doing what they know how to do best therefore will feel a great sense of fulfillment as they should find great enjoyment in what they do.

That is how you lead a world class team that will go on to accomplish incredible things and change the world.