When you interpret the underlining meaning in a not so literal sense, something dawned on me.

Through technology I’ve been able to make connections that I never would have been able to. Through technology I’ve been able to express myself in a manner that I never would have. Through technology I’ve been able to see the world through a perspective that i never would have. Through technology I’ve been able to grasp onto a greater understanding of my loved ones, creating stronger relationships then I ever would have. 

Technology to me doesn’t exist in the form of a female, but I fell in love because it has done for me what I’d expect falling in love with a woman would do. Make me a better human being. 
That being depicted in a literal sense was something that was wild for me to see - and think about. 

The writing in the movie was absolutely superb and it was directed on a world class level. 
Point being - the first sex scene with Samantha. About midway through the screen became black. In that moment it felt like the director was attempting to depict the perspective of Samantha. As a viewer I let the director take my mind there and for that split moment felt as if I had just morphed into an extremely advanced form of artificial intelligence. I imagined this is what a computer must feel like when a disc is ejected from the hard drive. 
LOL! All joked aside though - what an incredible movie. From a user experience perspective within the operating system - I love how it was executed. The interaction with the technology seemed very natural to me and realistic. I loved the idea of having an earpiece as the liaison between yourself and your digital realm. The interaction between the connected devices was well executed as well. 

I don’t think we will see people falling in love with operating systems anytime soon, but I will say that from a user experience perspective, I think Spike Jonze was spot of in terms of how we will engage with our devices and how they will interact with each other. 
Absolutely brilliant. Watch it ASAP if you haven’t already.