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Sample 1

When you brighten the background image you lose the text. To make the text visible I added the yellow backdrop, which I made transparent so that it is less obstructive to the image.

Sample 2

Here I dropped the white bar in the header to give it a more modern look.

Sample 3

Here I made the image brighter than the original, but still dark enough to see the text without needing a backdrop.

Sample 4

Same as sample 3 but with white background in the header.


Anything below this line has been already shown.

The home screen is all one page that the user scrolls down through. Screen 1 you'll notice is very similar to Valiant as you suggested. There will be a slideshow of 5 different images as noted on the right hand of the screen. Clicking the 'learn more' button on screen 1 will auto scroll the user to screen 2 (introduction into services).

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