1. After blog registers for revenue share program and integrates our service they will need to market to their users. Essentially embedding our code will activate a popup modal that the visitor will be greeted with when they get to their site.

2. Once the user hits the install button, our app is downloaded as a browser add-on. As part of the demo I want to walk an investor step by step through the experience. We will use this recipe for demo purposes.

3. There are 2 data points that I don't believe can be collected through highlighting the recipe, therefore will require user input (which I don't see being an issue): 1. the name of dish for organization purposes and 2. the number of servings. When the Recipisent icon is clicked first things user is prompted to do is name dish.

4. The reason why they need to enter the number of servings before they highlight the recipe is so that the quantity is properly calculated. Each recipe on every blog is listed by serving which varies. If you are cooking for your family or yourself it's likely that servings need to be adjusted - which changes everything. 

5. Once no. or servings is inputted, the user is prompted to highlight the recipe or enter manually.

6. Highlighting the recipe will be done so very similarly to that of Evernote Web Clipper. The enter manually option will consist of simply copying and pasting if the user prefers that. However, if the web clipper functions flawlessly, I may scratch the enter manually feature.

7. Once the recipe is highlighted, it is then processed. During this time, to communicate to the user that the data is being processed - the Recipisent box shrinks and that ellipse is animated and rotates until complete.

8. Once the order is processed - the box expands via animation and displays the order. Items can be removed. Quantity can be adjusted as well as the servings.


9. Once item is added to cart - a badge icon appears.