When trends are adopted on a large scale, it is my obligation to determine precisely why this happened to occur. When I cross paths with a seemingly normal person demonstrating what is abnormal behavior by using a tech product I'd expect an early adopter to be using, I go ballistic and typically a barrage of questions will ensue. When a consumer is standing in the store and they have two possible products in hand, both of which will serve its purpose, I live to determine what influenced their choice. Show me some analytics to a viral piece of content and I will stare in awe, similarly to when I gaze into the stars at night and ponder in silence because I can't quite put into words the beauty of our existence. This stuff intrigues me. Culture shifts boggle my mind and the truth of the matter is we are witnessing the greatest revolution of our generation as far as the internet is concerned and I'd be damned if I'm not a part of it. These are things that matter a lot to me and I will continue to research and evaluate until I can theoretically break down the winning culture of creation. That is what I strive towards. Successful or not, I will learn a ton, making this pursuit entirely worthwhile.